Rubicon Leisure

A little bit about us

To put it simply, we exist to support the health, happiness and enrichment of the communities with Redditch and its surrounding areas.
Founded by Redditch Borough Council in 2018, we manage 9 community facilities across the borough, including sport and exercise facilities, community centres, a museum, theatre and nature centre.

Across those facilities we aim to provide access to high quality of fitness facilities, arts, culture and heritage.

We like to think that, in our own way, we are contributing to the strong social fabric that binds our communities together. Giving local residents a place to meet, experience new things and develop.

WE’re proud of our achievements

As a local business, we pride ourselves on delivering real social value to the communities we serve. This value includes helping to improve the access to sport, education and recreational activities, providing areas for the community to come together, and supporting the local economy.

Learning New Skills

We support over 1,300 local children per week to learn the essential life skill of swimming.

Employer of Choice

Rubicon Leisure employ over 150 local people across our 9 sites. Supporting them with continued development in their career.

Preserving Local History

We invest in, and manage, the protection of some of Redditch’s most historic buildings.

Health & Happiness

We support the health and happiness of over 5,000 local residents by giving them access to high quality sport and leisure facilities.