Half term Swimming Timetable

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Pool Lane Etiquette
  1. All swimmers must follow directional signs at the end of the pool
  2. Please use most suitable lane for your speed and stroke, taking in to consideration other users
  3. Stay to the outside edge of the lane
  4. Be polite to swimmers of varying skill levels
  5. If you find yourself catching up with a swimmer in front of you, give their toes a polite tap to let them know that you need to pass. Do not use rude gestures
  6. Please use caution when overtaking other swimmers
  7. Please give slower swimmers the opportunity to let you pass. Do not harass or try to swim over them
  8. If you cannot keep up with the pass, please change lanes. You will be asked to move lane if the lifeguard feels it is necessary
  9. The use of face masks, flippers and snorkels is prohibited
  10. Respect other swimmers personal space