January 2021 – Our Centre is closed during the current National Lockdown

As with the majority of our sites, the current National Lockdown in place across the country has meant we have had to close the doors to the Abbey Stadium. With everything over the course of the pandemic, things move quickly and changes can happen overnight. We hope the information below answers the majority of the questions you might have, however if there is something more specific, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As with previous lockdowns our Virtual Class programme is available at a small cost of £12 per month, however this is free to members who’s Direct Debit payment was taken in January. To sign up to the virtual membership please visit our Class Timetable page


Are we still paying our Direct Debits while you are closed? 

All memberships will be frozen. Unfortunately Direct Debit payments were taken for the month of January before the national lockdown was announced. Once we know when we are able to re-open, anyone who paid for January 2021 for either Swimming Lessons or Gym Memberships will be credited for the first month. Those paid in full members will also be extended to include the period of closure.

Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit? 

All memberships have been frozen for you so no requirement to cancel the DD.

I’ve booked and paid for an activity at the Abbey during January? 

Credits will be issued to anyone who has booked and paid for activities in advance (Swimming / Family Bubble / Gymnastics) that can be used when we re-open.

Can I hire out any equipment? 

Unfortunately all available equipment has been hired out at this time.

Will you be continuing with virtual classes? 

Yes, our virtual programme will be continuing. Members will get access to the virtual classes free of charge for the month of January and no members can access the classes for £12 per month. Classes will take place via our Virtual Classes private Facebook group. Members who don’t currently have access please request to follow the page – Abbey Stadium Virtual Classes. If your Facebook profile name is different to the name on your membership or non members who wish to join, please email jo.dudley@rubiconleisure.co.uk.

When will we be told about re-opening? 

As soon as Government make any announcement that will allow some or all of the Abbey Stadium to open we will update our website and social media channels as well as contacting our customers through email. If you haven’t previously had contact via email about previous closures or re-opening, please contact jo.dudley@rubiconleisure.co.uk to ensure your email contact details are up to date.

Can we use the track whilst the Centre is closed? 

The track and all parts of the facility are closed.

I’ve hired equipment, if the lockdown lasts longer than a month, can I keep hold of it? 

Yes. Anyone with equipment can continue to hire. We will deducted monthly payments from the deposit paid . When we are given the green light to re-open, equipment will be collected and pump equipment will need to be returned. 

How long is the waiting list for Swimming Lessons if I choose to leave and return at a later date? Will I be given priority 

The waiting list for beginners stage is approximately 12 months at the moment – higher stages may have a shorter waiting list. If you wanted to cancel you would be added to the bottom of the list.

When out of lockdown, would I be able to return if I live outside Worcestershire?  

Should we return to a tier approach the Government advice at that time shall be valid. Previously you lived in a higher tier area you were not permitted to return to the Abbey Stadium with exceptions for under 18’s and disabled people. Memberships for these people who are not able to return due to the tier restrictions will be frozen.

Do you know if any of your procedures will change when we return? 

At the moment this is difficult to say as guidance is issued based on the current alert levels. We anticipate still having to adhere to the restrictions and measures that have been in place prior to this third lockdown. We are continuing to meet virtually with industry professionals and Governing bodies to ensure we are on top of the latest guidance to ensure that customers and staff are safe when we are able to return.

Will group sizes change or frequency of activities / lessons? 

We will be following the Government advice and National Governing Body recommendations in terms of class sizes once we are able to return.