AREA7 – A new way to train

AREA7 is a unique outdoor fitness concept offering functional training in outdoor surroundings. Delivered by our knowledgeable coaches, you will experience a new way to train, get fit and stay fit.

01 What are the benefits of AREA7?

AREA7 works on the 7 functional movements and uses the natural movement patterns through three -dimensional exercises. Involve your whole body by challenging your cardiovascular , muscular and neural systems at the same time. Movements can just use your body weight or be loaded for greater benefit. The more dynamically you move , the better you’ll feel and perform. Improve muscular control, use more energy for accelerated weight loss and build performance in life and sport. Dynamic movement training is important when maintaining a healthy body and mind.

02 Who is AREA7 for?

AREA7 is for all! It can be adapted to the elite athlete  or  to the beginner

03 When will AREA7 open?

AREA7 is now open for classes and open gym. to book please see our AREA7 timetables

04 Are there classes to get involved in?

Yes there will be several classes to get involved in as well as open sessions and small group personal training

Monday – 7:15-8:15pm AREA7 Gladiators

Wednesday – 10.00-11.00am AREA7 Over 50s Circuits

Wednesday – 6.00-7.00pm AREA7 Circuits

Thursday – 5:30-6:30pm AREA7 Functional Fitness

Thursday – 7:00-8:00pm AREA7 Bootcamp

Friday 9:15-10:15am – AREA7 Extreme Circuits

05 Is AREA7 part of my membership?

If you are a current member you will be able to use AREA7 as part of your membership

06 Can I use AREA7 outside class times ?

Once you have had induction in AREA7 you will be able to attend any of the open gym sessions to train on your own or with friends

07 Will I need induction?

30 minute taster sessions will be available throughout the week, you will be shown how to use equipment in AREA7

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Class Timetable




  • AREA 7 Gladiators


  • AREA7 Functional Fitness

  • AREA7 Functional Fitness

  • AREA 7 Bootcamp


  • AREA 7 Extreme Functional Fitness